In the event of Driving

I have done some thinking about peoples perspectives on vehicles.

This is what I know for certain that most people know.

  1. Their car needs gas
  2. Their car has four wheels
  3. Their car has an engine
  4. They really only know the make and model of their own vehicle, mostly because they have to
  5. The steering wheel turns the car
  6. The brakes stop the car
  7. P means park
  8. R means reverse
  9. D means drive
  10. ________ (insert your own no duh statement here)

Now, if you break this down, I feel that people do not understand vehicles and the potential of them because they are afraid. They are afraid of the unknown. In all honesty, vehicles are not the most simple of machines that humans have created, especially in the last 10 years with all sorts of computer sensing technologies on board an automobile.

But that really is why most people don’t care to try to understand their automobile, or driving it as an experience and a privilege, because they feel it is only there to do what they need it to do. Which, yes, I guess that statement is defeating my own point, but, it does not hide the fact that they have no clue how it does do what they need it to do. I guess people then could say, “who cares?” Well…I’m glad you asked!

I do. I care enough to want to help people understand the dynamics of owning the vehicle they own. Sure people choose the car they want, because they want it, regardless of the actual need of it. I don’t blame people for that, I’d do the same thing, it’s a free country! But, once they buy that vehicle, then what? When people actually purchase a car they want as opposed to a car the need they tend to take better care of it and enjoy it more.

So I want to help people understand that the vehicle you have, regardless of whether or not you wanted it or you needed it, is still to be enjoyed and cared for. I will begin to elaborate more on the subject more in my upcoming blogs.


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