Where Did That Come From?

The other day while watching TV I sat on the couch in complete awe of what I was seeing. I was watching a supercar commercial filled with pavement peeling exhaust and shattering glass. What mighty car is this? The LFA???? Let me quickly go over this…

Yes my friends Toyota has brought us not only a validated supercar, but is advertising it on TV. Not only did they break ground in the supercar world but also in the media world. So the question would be what is Toyota trying to gain? Reputation? A place in the supercar arena as well as the domestic automotive world? No one knows. One thing is for sure…we don’t want the gas pedal on this 560 bhp beast sticking on anyone.

With a 4.8-liter V10 engine we see a substantial amount of performance out of this vehicle expressing Toyota’s attempts to distance themselves from the almighty Prius. With only 175 available to the U.S. market I guess this will become yet again another well known unknown vehicle. The question is does Toyota have any other supercar concepts under their sleeve??? The stats on the LFA is impressive for their first supercar, let’s hope thier $375,000 tag doesn’t send people toward Lamborghinis same price doors.

I greatly appreciate a supercar as well as the next person, so I have to admit my interest in this vehicle. I appreciate the vehicle, but I still remain a little confused as to the price tag and the time of its release. Price range is steep, launched at a transition time for the company, and so my mind wonders as to what their estimates of return or profitabilty will be for this vehicle. But for those who can afford it I say buy now, because who knows where the company will go next in this arena.



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