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There are some many possible automotive topics that could be discussed. It is so amazing how much automobiles influence culture. Doing yard work today, we have a 1994 Ford Aerostar that we use as our “Truck.” Granted, it is on a Ford truck frame, it is still a van. And while I really don’t like Ford vehicles, I love driving that van.  It is a serious work horse, as oddly enough that is what it has retired to doing after so many years of shuttling the family on vacations, or the youth group to on trips, that van has seen a lot. I believe its best days are to come.

To get somewhat back on subject, I was listening to the radio today during my commute. I have recently developed a serious liking for country music. Florida Georgia Line…great stuff. Anyway, country artists talk so much about vehicles, Chevrolet vehicles more specifically, and Chevrolet trucks to be the most specific. Dang I love that. I really want to get a truck, a Chevy truck. And not because country music has influenced me to purchase one…although its a heck of a marketing tool. I loved Chevy trucks long before I started listening to country music. At the same time, country music and pick up trucks have gone hand in hand since before I was born. Go America.

Trying to continue on in the automotive and the pop culture, I love watching NCIS, and NCIS Los Angeles. In this case, NCIS Los Angeles, they have changed up the vehicles they used. They used to have a Dodge Challenger that belonged to Sam I believe. Now they drive Callahans Mercedes. I have not watched it consistently enough lately to completely say this as fact, and I do apologize that I am not going through the research to figure it out. I do apologize for not doing the work. I would like to say though that at least they have stayed in the Daimler/Chrysler family.

Hawaii Five O has great vehicles in it. Always. The old school Hawaii Five O had great vehicles in it. So does the new one.

I am watching Person of Interest right now. Great show. They just had a brand new Chevy Camaro featured on it. Pretty sweet.

I could go on and on. And eventually I will. As I said, there are so many automotive pop culture influences. More blogs, more automotive topics, just fantastic motivation to continue doing my blogging. Hope you all enjoy reading what I post, and hopefully it will grow. Thank you all so much.


One thought on “Pop Topic

  1. I saw Sam drive his challenger a couple weeks ago! I’ve noticed that they’ve switched up the vehicles that they drive on Bones, as well! They used to strictly drive Toyota Sequoias. Then they switched to Chevy Suburbans, but they’re back to Toyotas. Mostly a Prius and 4-Runners. I really enjoyed this post! Thanks!

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