Nothing gets passed

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Latelty I have read a few articles about laws to prevent left lane driving; using it only for passing. Links to some of those articles are listed below.

One of determining factors, I think, contributes to this topic is the definition of passing. I listed the link to the definition below. Then, how is that interpreted and applied to the combination of road rules.

There were a few scenarios that I thought would would be open to interpretation for a law enfotcement officer to pull over a drivwr.

1.) If a driver is angry that a person in the left lane is going slow, then the slow driver gets over, that angry driver can now execute a pass. A proper pass as defined. Let’s say they never go over the speed limit. Then, the next car to pass is beyond site from where this current pass took place. What now? The pass is complete, the angry driver should now get into the right hand lane in front of the slow driver, and carry on until the next car to pass is approached. If the angry driver does not get into the right hand lane, then technically, they are now driving in the left lane and not executing a pass.

2.) Let’s toss in a slow grade hill with trees in the median. After cresting the hill in the left lane, angry driver sees a law enforcement officer sitting in the median. They are confident that they are in the clear as they are going the speed limit. But, I really don’t think that to be the case. I think, even if they are going the speed limit, they could in theory, still be pulled over for driving in the left lane without passing.

3.) Let’s toss in more than two lanes going in one direction. A three lane road, what about driving in the middle? Is that just a constant passing lane?

That is simply based on how I read these articles and particular language of bills in states where inhibiting the flow of traffic in the left lane is illegal. All of this applies to congested roads too.

Then you could add in factors like going over the speed limit to pass, weaving in and out of traffic which would be wreckless driving, left exits, or most importantly, the flow of traffic. What exactly does a flow of traffic mean, when everyone is going 70 in a 55, should you get pulled over in any lane for not going 70?

That is the ultimate factor of ambiguous reasoning for enforcement of a law about vehicle passing.

Laws about vehicle passing seem very much open to interpretation. Without having specific reference to posted speed limits in them, or exactly how pass is defined, it makes it hard to say what and how one can get pulled over for passing, or lingerly driving in the left lane.

There is clearly more depth and detail that can be added to this blog. I could write a research paper on this topic. As time permits I might do just that. For right now, this satisfies the general ideas that I saught to share.


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