I Like My Cars Medium Rare

medium rare

After a year like 2020, I started to ponder things for 2021. Most particularly, what makes a car rare? Is it production numbers? Is it trim levels? Who cares about trim? Options? Price? Brand? Color? Where it was made? Number of units sold? Number of units intended to have been produced? Perceived popularity?

Does anyone care about any of that? What do people care about when it comes to a rare vehicle?

Everyone wants a chase car. That is more than likely why Ferrari and Lamborghini will always be highly sought after rather than some bizarre 2004 Buick Regal GSX stage 3 with a supercharged 6 cylinder engine and front wheel drive. But, some of those cars can have far fewer numbers produced than a six figure priced car. So what is more rare? What is more desirable? As the Tootsie Pop commercial says, the world may never know.

I recently saw a 1999 Dodge Durango Carroll Shelby edition for sale on Facebook Marketplace. It is number 53 of only 300 ever made. In your opinion, how impressive is this? The 1999 Dodge Durango is not exactly the most amazing vehicle every built. In the normal world, people do not know who Carroll Shelby was, so is having a Durango built by his shop really that impressive? Is that a flex to normal people? Is that even a flex to automotive enthusiasts? It really is completely up to the individuals. Both the one who owns it and the one or ones who are observing the vehicle. Personal taste is everything and I like all cars, no matter what. I like my cars medium rare.


3 thoughts on “I Like My Cars Medium Rare

  1. So you have my curiosity up, how much were they wanting for the 1999 Dodge Durango Carroll Shelby edition? What are others asking for the same car and what are the owners actually getting for it?

    1. They were wanting $32,000 for it. On other sites, they go for anywhere between 20-30 thousand. A standard Dodge Durango of that year goes for about $2500. When new, they were in the showrooms for 44 to 55 thousand. So, they retained value a lot better than the normal Durango. And, that is actually an uptick since about 2010-2012 when a lot of these trucks started coming to auction. Back then they were only going for around 20 thousand. So they have gained value in the last ten years. Here is a good article that I found about them.

      1. Interesting article. I just don’t get the excitement of the vehicle. It does not have the name recognition that other makes and models do. I still have to come to terms with a SUV power house vehicle. I think more of cars and trucks as these types of vehicles.

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