Tow Trucks: Tough as Nails

This blog is full automotiveness. And honestly, if there are hero’s of the automotive world, its tow trucks, semis, and any other heavy duty vehicle and especially those who operate them.


Tow trucks fascinate me. There is just something about them that makes me want to cry out “That thing is so BA!” The sheer size and ability of them, especially the rotators, is like a Clydesdale that can perform dental surgery.


I’ve always had a fascination with them. It probably came from my dads side of the family. My great grandpa, who I never knew, used to drive trucks from the 30’s through the 60’s and around the 40’s purchased a junk yard and drove a tow trucks. My grandpa, he drove ¼ and ½ ton trucks in the military. I am so thankful I caught that bug…eh trait from them. One of my favorite books as a child was “How Many Tow Trucks Can A Tow Truck Tow?” J I want to get my CDL someday, hopefully sooner rather than later.


Knowing those roots, the flame only got bigger when SPEED channel debuted “Wrecked” in 2008. Those guys from O’Hare Towing in Chicago and their pristine white and green towing machines, I was absolutely glued to the screen. Up-righting an overturned semi, moving a bridge, towing one of the largest mobile cranes in Chicago, it was all in a days work for those guys.


Because of that show I have set a goal to own a rotator. I have searched Ebay Motors high and low, wishing one of them would get in my price range.


Today I was watching SPEED, and their new series “American Trucker” came on. The episode featured Diamond Heavy Haul Inc. A huge heavy haul company based in Ohio (yay Ohio! I’m originally from there!) that specializes in moving the heaviest of the heavy. More like gargantuan things. Those trucks, and the people who drive them…absolutely tough as nails in my mind, and freaking brilliant. The sheer logistics that go into one of those hauls; just blows my mind. Absolutely addicting!


Tow trucks, heavy hauls, and brilliant people. That sounds like a recipe for success to me! Hopefully someday I’ll get to that point!



Drive Your Ride

Lately I have been thinking about what my generation, those who are around 21 years old, what we will value in a vehicle when we become of age to collect. I have been watching the 2010 Barrett-Jackson auction as much as I can through my busy schedule and just this morning, while getting ready for church, I was watching “My Classic Car,” the final push to write about the value of cars to a younger generation.

I have seen many iconic cars sold on Barrett-Jackson, and have watched so many shows that focus on pristine show cars; flawless in every way, with a history a mile long of celebrities who might have owned them, or the vehicles accomplishments on a track. Those are the vehicles that sell for high dollar amounts, and I believe that those are the types of vehicles that will continue to sell when I get older.

This gets me into thinking about the story behind a car. All those show cars, that have never really been driven anywhere, or done anything stupendous on the track, they don’t capture attention as the ones that have done such things or conquered a spectacular feet.

I am saddened to hear that cars have been tucked away for 5, 10, 20 years, in hopes to be an investment. Sure, when they come to auction in their condition, we marvel at it, but there is nothing about it that makes you stop and say “now that’s a car that I can tell a story about.” Those types of cars will just go on to sit another 10 years in a garage, to never be enjoyed.

I would look for a car that has been loved. One that has been driven for the purpose it has been built. I predict that when I get older, the cars that are battered, rusted slightly, and have a 10 mile long list of owners and accomplishments will be the cars that sell for the highest amount. Those who truly value a vehicle know that every car has a story. Some deserve a story, some earn a story, but either way, give each vehicle that chance. Drive your ride.