The Perfect Time to bring back the Rampage

There is a recent rumor that Stellantis might have Ram make a new pickup called the 1200 to compete against the Ford Maverick here in America. I wish I had written this blog just a few days sooner because the topic of a small Ram competitor to the Maverick has been rattling around in my head for a few months now. This is the perfect time for Stellantis/Ram to resurrect the Rampage name.

It can be a play on words as well. The RAM part can indicate the brand. There is no doubt that whatever compact truck they do create, there will be a hybrid version. That version can have a blue capital E to indicate the hybrid drive train. The name is also recognizable and since Ford successfully resurrected an old name, Ram certainly can.

This is the photo being used in all the breaking news articles. It just doesn’t look like a Ram truck to me. They would definitely need to rework the looks for the American market if they want this, or an even smaller truck, to work here.

The only issue I see will be if Ram does in fact base it off of a truck they already sell in a different market. The photo being used in the breaking news, which is featured above, is of the Ram 1200 sold outside of the US. This truck is roughly the size of the Chevy Colorado and Ford Ranger and it competes against those particular trucks (with their respective market names) in other countries. However, the rumor is that if it comes to the US it will compete against the Maverick. I don’t know how that will work, and I don’t really think that would be wise. That truck isn’t the same size as the Maverick and doesn’t look Ram enough in my opinion. Also, the name 1200 is kind of…binary?

They should base the looks more along the lines of the Ram 700, shown below, that is sold in Mexico. That looks more like a properly styled Ram truck that could be used in the American market. Yet, it is still too large for a Maverick competitor. And that name is still numerical.

This looks much better and would fit the bill for style in the American market in my opinion. However, the size is just still too large to compete against the Maverick.

They need to start from the ground up on a compact truck. One that is the size of the Maverick, looks like a Ram truck, and can be produced for an entry level price. That would be an amazing truck and really begin to heat up the compact truck market here in America.

One last thing. Imagine a TRX/Hellcat type version of a Rampage. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Then maybe Chevy will bring back the El Camino and the American market will be full of fun sized, good looking, affordable trucks again!


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